Adjustments / Extensions for ecoDMS

  • Immediate archiving with file2ECM

    file2ECM offers a default interface for Windows and groupware applications with connectors to the standard ECM systems. file2ECM can be accessed from every application in order to add freely configurable classification attributes to the processed file and to save it as PDF/A in the ECM system. PDF/A is the basis for the long-term archiving of electronic documents.  
  • Low Cost Archiving

    Big organisations archive their documents in an ECM system. However, if organizations such as insurance companies want to have a temporary, case-related access to a document for a customer, they are confronted with two challenges: expensive licenses for existing ECM systems and substantial organisational effort for allocating rights. Our solution is: Low-cost archiving.  
  • Workflow Solutions for ecoDMS One

    Documents contain information on business transactions. In order to support and optimise your document-related business transactions, our open source workflow solutions offer an audit-proof connection to ecoDMS. The staff receives support via a web-based workflow in the processing of relevant actions, whereby resubmissions and escalation stages are started automatically. The Full Service Package ecoDMS One is the basis for an individual workflow implementation.  
Our Solutions:
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